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Gordian Knot’s main priority is to achieve the maximum possible progress on Mythic Raiding, within a friendly, competitive, and healthy atmosphere. Along that, we want to enjoy all aspects of the game and we expect to share the same love and excitement for the game with every member of the guild. In order to achieve all this, everyone should be able to follow and respect our rules and ways.

So please, read carefully as lack of knowledge for our rules is not an excuse. The rules are also getting updated, every now and then, so you are expected to follow the changes when they occur.

Last updates:
6th of June 2018 (check/click the NEW!)
6th of July 2018 (check/click the NEW!)
7th of July 2018 (check/click the NEW!)







  • Inappropriate Comments or Language

We expect mature and responsible behavior in every aspect of the game, be it guild raids, LFR, PVP or Trade Chat. Insulting others, flame them or make hateful remarks is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Treat people with the respect they deserve. When someone asks you to stop using certain language you’re expected to do so. We can’t have a negative atmosphere in the guild because two players don’t get along. Either sort out the problems, learn to live with it or look for another guild.


  • Spamming and Scamming

No one likes spam. Don’t do it. People will put you on ignore lists and it will reflect badly on the guild! This counts for macro’s, spamming trade channel and other spam. Obviously, the same counts for scamming. If we ever find out you’re intentionally scamming people we will show no mercy and you will be immediately be kicked from the guild. There is a zero tolerance policy regarding this behavior.


  • Intentionally Picking Fights

If you’re a hothead and like to argue and have verbal fights then this is not the right guild for you. We don’t go looking for fights. We avoid them and we always seek to resolve issues in a mature way. Looking for fights is a sign of immaturity and we do not appreciate it.


  • Racist Comments and Behavior

This shouldn’t need any explaining. If you are being racist or display racist behavior we will show you the exit fairly quickly. This ties in to the respect we expect from all our members towards others. If your remarks fall outside the bounds of humor you will be swiftly dealt with.


  • Loot Fever

Understanding that the game revolves around rewards we expect a sober attitude towards loot and everything related to it. Especially in raids we expect players to use their heads when rolling or bidding on items. Take into account who else might need the item and even think about passing it so someone else can have it. Passing loot for others is highly appreciated!
Complaining about the loot distribution to an officer, guild leader or the person who is distributing the loot, is a one way out of the guild.


  • Language

As a guild that operates in an English server we expect players to use proper English sentences and language. While we all know what ‘u’ and ‘m8’ means, we appreciate people who aren’t too lazy to type full words and sentences. It makes what you’re trying to say easier to understand and conveys an idea of maturity and intelligence. While we realize not everyone is fluent in English we do expect people to make an effort in making themselves understood. Too much of “hai dewd HRU 2day” can quickly work on peoples nerves and can as quickly result in a warning from an officer to begin with. Most of us are far from being fluent in leet speak. Also there is zero tolerence in using languages other than English in guild chat, guild raids, guild dungeons and guild forums.


The Guild Vault


  • Selling Stuff from the Guild Bank

The guild bank most of the times is willing to sell items to members at 50% of the current AH price. This is intended for upgrading/enhancing your own gear, professions, utility, etc. When you buy items from the guild bank you are NOT allowed to re-sell them on the Auction House. This rule is meant to help out people and give them some slack when leveling professions or gearing up for a raid. If we find out you’re selling items you bought from the guild you will get one warning. Any consecutive findings will result in a guild kick no questions asked.


Ranks and Responsibilities


The power to promote and demote resides mainly with the Guild Master and the General.

NEW! Rank Reset

Before the launch of each new expansion and more specifically during the pre-patch period all ranks will get reset and everyone will be moved to Member Rank. In order to keep the ranks relative and make sure that the ranks serve efficiently the structure of the guild at that given point, all or some ranks may get reworked,renamed, removed or new ones added. In regards to raider ranks: Promotions to Trial Raider will be given to those that express interest in raiding before the new raiding season starts and further promotions to Raider Rank etc. will be based on merit, performance attendance and contribution. (For more details regarding the requirements please read here)


  • Guild Leader

Leader of the guild. Has responsibility for everything that happens in our guild and has the privilege and responsibility to have the final word on every important decision and matter.


  • Officer

Their responsibility is to:
a) Maintain the guild standards and keep the guild in shape
b) Be there at all times to help people with queries and questions, whether that is people in raider or social ranks.
c) Overall tend to the smooth run of the guild as a whole while tending to each individual’s needs as needs will arise

Besides other individual attributes the mandatory attendance for any officer for raids is 80%


  • Advisor

Main responsibilities are:
a) Analysing logs and keep attendance and performance spreadsheets up to date, as and when needed.
b) Be in a position to act as advisors to raiders, to spot problems and be willing to spend time and effort to work with the raiders in order for such issues to be resolved. e.g. raiders failing specific fight mechanics, low survival rate etc.
When no Advisors are appointed or are not present the responsibility will fall down to officers to carry the above tasks.

Besides other individual attributes the mandatory attendance for any advisor for raids is 80%


  • Raider

Rank will be awarded to trialists who wish to raid and have passed successfully the 30 day trial period in our raids. They will have priority on loot over social members and trials.
In addition they have free guild repairs during raids and free consumables for raids.
Their responsibilities are:
a) To sign on our raid planners for raids at least one week before the relevant raid day.
b) Perform and be serious while raiding, especially on progress runs.
c) Be up to date and knowledgable regarding the bosses we are facing and all mechanics that might apply to their spec and role within the raid.
d) Maintain contact with their advisors or officers when they are facing issues that are related to attendance or related to performance. For example: upcoming holidays, exams, very busy period at work etc. when it comes to attendance. When it comes to performance, you are struggling with your rotation, a new patch has just come out and your class has been heavily nerfed, changed etc.

The perks of the rank are:
a) Priority in raid spots when it comes to progression fights, over Member and Trial rank
b) Priority on loot over Member and Trial ranks
c) Increased bank withdrawals than Member rank and access to the Raiders’ Tab

Talk to us regarding performance and tactics, we can help!
The required attendance for this rank is 80%


  • Member

After the initial trial, people that wish to attend the Social Rank will be welcomed as Socials and be granted the relevant rank and privileges.


  • Trial

Every new member regardless if they are aiming for a raider rank or social will start on this rank and stay on it for about 30 days.
Over this period the trial should be 100% punctual with all the guild rules. Failing to do so will result in termination of the trial period and a kick from the guild or a demote to the member rank.
If you have applied as a raider your performance and attendance will be monitored and you will have to perform and adhere to all the raider rules stated above in the Raiders Rank, in order to become a raider. If the trialist shows serious dedication and good performance, then he/she can be promoted earlier than the 30 days period. We may also decide to extend the trial period in cases we feel we need to see more, like when a raider did not participate enough raids during the normal trial period, or when his/her gear is not high enough to be able to keep up with our current progress and other similar circumstances.


  • Alt

Alt characters of Raiders and Social Members.


Raiding Rules


  • Sign up on our raid planner at least 7 days in advance so raid selection can be done quick and efficient. Failure to do so repeatedly will result in demoting you back to trial rank. Also raiders who sign up early will be prioritized. (Note: We are using a web-based raid planner.)
  • Be online and ready for an invite for raid start, even if you have not been selected, this also applies to people being selected as backups for a certain night.
  • Being late means you will be replaced.
  • Being late repeatedly will result in demoting you back to trial rank or removal from the guild.
  • Be 100% active. AFKing, NinjaAFKing, not listening, not paying attention, playing other games at the same time, or watching a movie at the same time, are all not accepted during any of our runs. We understand things that will get you distracted can happen and will happen, but going AFK, not listening, not paying attention repeatedly will result in demoting you back to trial or member rank. We do have a 10 minutes break in the middle of our run every time, so if you wanna have some AFK time, you can have it during the break.



  • Have Discord installed and being able to talk and to listen to your raid leader
    We use Discord from If you can’t use Discord properly (talk and listen), then you won’t be able to participate to our raids. The application we use for our raiding communication may change with a different one like Teamspeak or Curse/Twitch. In that case, you will have to install the one we are going to use instead of Discord.
  • While we are relaxed on Discord, excessive chatter or banter is not accepted during raids. If you fail to do so may result to your removal from the raid.
  • Make sure push-to-talk is enabled. Push-to-talk is mandatory in most of our channels. Refusal to do so may result to your removal from the raid or the guild.
  • Parking your Discord client in our raiding channel while we’re raiding is not enough. You need to listen at all times during raiding.


Enchants / Gems

Everyone that’s in the raid with you wants progress/less wipes, make sure your gear is as good as it can be.
We use,,,, etc. to evaluate your gear, if you’re missing talents/top quality enchants/top quality gems, you may be removed from the raidteam without further notice. The level of enchants and gems we’ll be expecting is best available, no matter how low the level of an item is.



The guild will provide Cauldrons, Flasks, Potions, Food and Tomes, but you are always expected to have the best available quality of:

  1. Flasks – a minimum of 3 per raid
  2. Food – a minimum of 2 stacks per raid
  3. DPS Potions – a minimum of 50 per raid
  4. Healing Potions – a minimum of 20 per raid. We may use the warlock healthstones if they are more or equally powerful as the healing potions, but you’re still expected to carry the best available quality potions at all times.
  5. Tomes – a minimum of 10 per raid


Mandatory add-ons

Highly recommend installing the new curse (twitch) client to keep your addons up to date. If you don’t have the required add-ons fully updated and active during raids may result to your removal from the raid.


Come Prepared

Read up on new encounters and know your specific role in the fights. Always check and (or similar guides etc.) before the raid starts. If you have any questions or want a better analysis for tactics prior to the raid, there will always be an officer around during the day, so feel free to poke them at any time in game or on teamspeak/discord.



All Mythic Raiders, Raiders and Trials for Raiders performances will be analyzed after each raid night in regards to the following aspects:

  • Execution and knowledge of boss tactics
  • Intake of avoidable damage
  • Use of consumables, augment runes, prepots and second pots, healthstones, etc.
  • Use of Offensive and Defensive Cooldowns
  • Overall Survivability
  • Class specific DPS/HPS/DTPS performance, in comparison with other players of similar ilvl

Repeated failure to the above will result in a demotion to the next lower rank and if the player fails to improve after the demotion the result will be to be replaced and be demoted to member rank. For trials that means that they fail their trial period.



Main: This is the character you sign with to all the raids and the char you and the guild focuses on when assigning loot. Your main has the benefit of using everything that’s in the guild bank and using the guild repair option.
Alt: An alternative character that you play with when we’re not raiding, this could be a farming character or just a character you enjoy playing.
Note that the guild will not help you gear this char or give away the current mats or enchants that the guild bank has to offer. Leveling materials are available but anything current to the raid tier is reserved for mains.

The only exception to this rule is players with exceptional alts/offspecs who have volunteered their services to the guild raids.
Note that the player does not choose which character to bring and that the player has volunteered to do this. This always needs officers’ approval.
This would only happen if there is a lack of a certain class or role (ie. tank/healer/dps) and the raid cannot start or progress without the use of this alt/offspec or if the raid composition is not good for the encounters we’re facing.

An alt character participating in our main run, after the officers’ approval, will have equal share on loot with other main characters participating in the run.



  • Emerald Nightmare – Currently free to pug on all modes.
  • Trials of Valor – Currently free to pug on all modes.
  • Nighthold – Currently free to pug on all modes.
  • Tomb of Sargeras – Currently free to pug on all modes.
  • Antorus, the Burning Throne Currently free to pug on all modes.


Loot Distribution

We are using Officers’ Loot Council and the items looted as personal loot that are of no use for the character who gets them, are awarded in most cases as described below:

  • If a tank needs more gear to be able to survive the encounters.
  • If our dps doesn’t meet the requirement for enrage timers or similar mechanics, then some of the loot may go to specific dpsers, based on their performance or on how big upgrade is the item we looted compared to the equiped ones.
  • If healers can’t keep up with keeping people alive, then we may decide to pass some loot to specific healers, based on their performance or on how big upgrade is the item we looted compared to the equiped ones.
  • If an item is 15+ levels above the equiped for someone, then we will priotiritize the one with the highest difference on the item level equiped and the item that dropped. We always take into consideration the best secondary stats for each class.

Complaining about the loot distribution to an officer, guild leader or the person who is distributing the loot, is a one way out of the guild.



  • The required attendance for the Raider rank is at least 80% over the last 6 resets. Dropping below 80% for that period (last 6 resets) will result to immediate demote to member or trial. (based on the raider’s preferance, if he wants to try again or just raid as a casual member) Towards attendance, only the main runs count and all the secondary runs and alt runs are excluded. (Current main runs: Wednesday, Sunday, Monday, 20.00 to 23.00 realmtime)
  • The required attendance for the Officer’s and Advisor’s ranks is at least 80% over the last 6 resets. Officers and Advisors who are below the required attendance for their ranks will get 3 warnings to sort their attendance (one every two resets). Warnings will be registered on our attendance page and if their attendance is not sorted within 6 resets, then they will be demoted to raiders or members (based on their current attendance).
  • Attendance is awarded regardless if you have been accepted for the night or are on back up. In order to qualify for attendance if you have been accepted for the raid, you will have to be online when the invites start, accept the invite and attend at least 90 minutes of the raid night. In order to qualify for attendance if you are on back up, you will have to whisper the Guild Leader or the Raid Leader in any of the following: Battle Net, Discord or Facebook. Although you are not required to stay online with your character if you are on back up, you will have to be easily accessible through Discord, Battle Net etc. and be ready to get in the raid within a 5 mins window. Failure to do so will result in your attendance to count as a no show.


No Show:

  • If you repeatedly having no-shows, will result in demoting you back to member or trial rank.


Connection/PC Issues:

  • Having connention or pc issues during raids repeatedly may result in demoting you back to member or trial rank.
  • Quotes like “I don’t see things”, “My pc is acting up and freezes”, “I have low fps”, etc. are not acceptable. Be ready prior to the raid. You are either able to raid or not.
  • If you need help with your pc, we have people who might be able to help you. Feel free to ask an officer in such a case.


Secondary Runs:

  • We use loot council to distribute the loot exactly the same way as for main runs.
  • The loot priority rules do apply.
  • No attendance will be recorded.
  • Mains who help on the secondary runs are highly appreciated.
  • Don’t expect to get your alts geared up. Other people want to gear up too. Respect that. If you get loot, you got it, if not, there will be more future runs.



Notes: By being a member or applying to join Gordian Knot you automatically agree to all of our Rules.